Impulse Light Online Shop

Impulse Light Online Shop

Setting up contextual advertising Google AdWords in Ukraine. The company was set up by other experts, but, according to the customer, did not give the desired effect. The analysis was carried out and on its basis a new contextual company strategy was proposed, the main difference of which is budget concentration. Work is underway.
ImpulSveta is a professional assistant in the supply of LED lighting for retail and office premises. LED technology today is indispensable in your home, office and business.

  • Develop a comprehensive online promotion strategy.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Contextual advertising Google AdWords.
  • Media and other Google AdWords ads.
  • Period: February 2019.
  • site address:

Internet Marketing Agency NiKK Khmelnitsky

development of strategy and tactics for promoting client’s business on the Internet;
SEO optimization and promotion of websites and online stores;
contextual and banner Internet advertising;
advertising in social networks;
repair and processing of sites and online stores;
Landing Page;
the creation of turnkey websites and online stores;
comprehensive service;
subscription service.
Integration of an online store with CRM.

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