Znaharka Svetlana

Znaharka Svetlana

Setting up contextual advertising and refinement of the site logic of the fortune-teller. The ads on the Google Ads contextual network were initially customized by others. After analyzing the current situation, namely 80% of clicks identified as garbage, it was decided to reconfigure the advertising company according to our plan and refine the functionality of the landing page in order to increase conversion. Work successfully completed in the shortest possible time.

  • Repair and redesign of the site.
  • Reconfigure contextual advertising.
  • Period: February 2019.
  • site address: http://znaharka-svetlana.pp.ua/

Site content: Znaharka Svetlana, a healer from God, will solve all your problems with the help of White magic. I work remotely throughout Ukraine.


Internet Marketing Agency NiKK Khmelnitsky

development of strategy and tactics for promoting client’s business on the Internet;
SEO optimization and promotion of websites and online stores;
contextual and banner Internet advertising;
advertising in social networks;
repair and processing of sites and online stores;
Landing Page;
the creation of turnkey websites and online stores;
comprehensive service;
subscription service.
Integration of an online store with CRM.

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